Turkiye & Syria Earthquake
Support your brothers and sisters in Turkiye & Syria
LMM Woods Project
- You can divide your donations in to installments. Select recurring period & Check the instalment option. Then enter installment amount and number of installment.
- Please use Credit Card option for VISA/MC DEBIT card for recurring or installments Payment.
Sadaqa (for the needy)
Donation for the needy.
Donation for the Mosque
General mosque donation
Fighting Islamophobia Fund
Fighting Islamophobia Fund.
Mosque Security Fund
This fund will be used to support increased security for the London Muslim Mosque facilities.
Qur’an Hifth Program (QHP)
Support the Qur'an Hifth Program (QHP) of the London Muslim Mosque. For more information about QHP, please click here: http://www.londonmosque.ca/events-activities/education/quran-hifth-program.html
London Islamic School (LIS)
Support the London Islamic School. Please click here for more details: http://www.londonislamicschool.com/
Weekend London Islamic School (WLIS)
Support the Weekend London Islamic School. Please click here for more details: http://www.londonmosque.ca/events-activities/education/wlis.html
Da'wah & Islamic Education Fund
Support Islamic education.
LMM's Library
Support the London Muslim Mosques's library. Please click here for more details: http://www.londonmosque.ca/services/community-spaces/library.html
Summit St. Houses
Donation to buy Summit St. Houses
Muslim Soup Kitchen
Provide dinner for the poor